Frequently asked questions

What should my data file look like?

You will need to prepare a file of gene expression values from some experiment such as an RNA-Seq or microarray. The file should have at least one column of unique IDs for genes/probes and multiple columns for data. The first row should have headers denoting the contents of the column, the headers don't have to follow any particular convention. E.G

The column `gene_id` contains unique IDs, `tracking_id` is a second alternative naming scheme and the rest are data columns. The header indicates a unique treatment/sample name for the column.

The file must be saved as a `.csv` (comma separated value) file, which you can create in Excel. This means you mustn't use commas in your data file, anywhere!

Can I name my headers anything?

Yes. But don't use commas. Also try just to use numbers, letters of the alphabet and the underscore (`_`) character in names, to make it as readable by any program as possible.

Are missing data allowed?

You can specify a missing data point in a column by using `NA` in the cell in place of the number.

You can also tell PINet to ignore columns of data in the interface by selecting the column as `UNUSED`.